Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

A lot of people speculate that Wayne Newton had plastic surgery done. Not just one procedure, some even say. Looking at these pictures, what do you think?

wayne-newton-plastic-surgery-01 wayne-newton-plastic-surgery-02 Destination Fashion 2012 To Benefit The Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis wayne-newton-plastic-surgery-04

Apparently, Wayne Newton now has a unnatural, bloated look that they say you can get from too many procedures done. It is rumored that he had too many a botched job that resulted in his now overly youthful look. He is said to have had facelift, brow lift, jawline surgery, nose job and some botox injections.

What are your thoughts regarding this issue? Did he or did he not? Tell us your take on this issue and leave some comments below.

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