Tom Hanks Nose Job

Tom Hank is a multi-awarded star, he starred in many movies which are instant blockbusters! He’s been in the industry for a very long time and we’ve seen him evolve over the years. Now, the question is did he went under the knife to improve his nose?

Tom Hanks Nose Job 01 Tom Hanks Nose Job 02 Tom Hanks Nose Job 03 Tom Hanks Nose Job 04

There are rumors that the actor had a nose job to get a straighter and pointy nose. Although we see a little improvement in his nose, we are not certain if it’s the power of make or a the magic touch of the surgeon. Can you help us decide? feel free to comment!

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One comment on “Tom Hanks Nose Job
  1. Brian says:

    Nose job, botox,fillers, hair transplant huge amount of dental work done.
    It’s Hollywood vanity

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