Tom Hanks Facelift

Tom Hanks is a common household name. Who doesn’t know him? He is multi-award winning actor with a very successful career. But could it be that he feels that his age, which is now 58 years old, is now catching up to him so he had some facelift done?

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson tom-hanks-facelift-01 tom-hanks-facelift-02 tom-hanks-facelift-03 tom-hanks-facelift-04

Rumors say yes, he had some facelift done. But we don’t know this for sure for the actor has neither confirmed or denied the issue.

Tom Hanks most famous films include Forrest Gump, You’ve Got Mail, The Da Vinci Code and Captain Phillips.

What do you think? Did Tom Hanks have some facelift done? Say what’s on your mind and post some comments below.

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One comment on “Tom Hanks Facelift
  1. Blanksia says:

    Plastic surgery? No way! Maybe Botox, fillers…

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