Thora Birch Bra Size

Thora Birch is an American actress who first started acting at the young age of 6 in the TV series Day by Day. She is well-known for the movies Hocus Pocus, American Beauty and Ghost World.

thora birch bra size1 thora birch bra size2 thora birch bra size3 thora birch bra size4 Thora Birch

Thora Birch’s most recent acting project was for the film Petunia where she played the lead role and was also produced by her. She is also a multi-award winning actress.

And the most awaited part has got to be her Bra Size so, we’ll reveal it now. She’s a 36C! There you go. What do you think of Thora Birch’s figure? Leave your comments below.

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