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If you’ve seen the The Twilight Sage film series then you definitely know Taylor Lautner who starred as Jacob Black. We’ve seen him metamorphose from his cute looks in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D as Sharkboy to the hot guy that he is now. But have you noticed something else changing?

taylor-lautner-nose-01 taylor-lautner-nose-02 taylor-lautner-nose-03 taylor-lautner-nose-04 taylor-lautner-nose-05

There are rumors that Taylor Lautner had some work done on his nose. If he did, it wasn’t obvious and the work was minimal. But there’s one thing we know, nose job or no nose job, Taylor Lautner is definitely one hunk of a guy.

Looking at these pictures, do you see any changes on Taylor Lautner’s nose that could be attributed to a nose job? Tell us your answer to this by leaving some messages below.

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