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Kesha Weight Loss

Ke$ha rose to music stardom with her hit singles like Tik Tok, We R Who We R, Blah Blah, Blah, and Crazy Kids. She started her career looking healthy and on a normal weight range; however, critics bombarded her with

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Kesha Breast Implants

Kesha Rose Sebert, or simply Kesha, is a famous singer, songwriter and rapper. Her most well known songs include Tik Tok, We R Who We R and Die Young. She is rumored to have gotten breast implants to enhance her

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Kesha Nose Job

When Ke$ha is rumored to have had a Butt Transplant it became a big issue and other plastic surgery rumors came thereafter. Aside from her “New Butt”, there are suspicions that she had a nose job to improve the appearance

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Kesha Plastic Surgery

Ke$ha has gone tired of Butt jokes and she finally took the plunge! The singer had a flat butt and she wear padded undies to have a full behind. To get a permanent fix, she decided to go under the

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