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Hayden Panettiere Breast Implants

Do you remember that cute cheerleader from the series “Heroes?” What about that cheerleader from Bring It On All or Nothing?” Yes, they were both Hayden Panettiere. She is an American actress, model and singer. This gal started showing up

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Breast Implant Before And After

It’s quite common for women to want to get breast implants as it would make them feel more attractive. The above photos show some great examples of successful breast implants.

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Did Ann Coulter Get Breast Implants?

Ann Coulter is no stranger to controversy, but some wonder about a controversy that has nothing to do with politics. Namely, did Ann Coulter have a boob job. If she did, it appears to be subtle. However, the question still

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Diane Lane Breast Implants

Diane Lane has always been able to stop traffic, but did she get breast implants? Comparing the two pictures above, it seems there have been some changes to her silhouette. What do you think of her figure? Would you get

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