Steve Carell Hair Plugs

While women try to defy aging by undergoing botox and facelifts, men on the other hand face the inevitable: hair loss/ baldness. Steve Carell is no victim to this health problem so he did what he could: getting hair transplant. Steve starred in several movies such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Get Smart and Crazy, Stupid, Love to name a few so any stark changes in his appearance is quite visible to onlookers.

Steve-Carell-Hair-Plugs-01 Steve-Carell-Hair-Plugs-02 Steve-Carell-Hair-Plugs-03

Sources claim that being a high-profile celebrity, Steve availed of hair transplant to get rid of hair loss problems. Using hair plugs or undergoing hair transplant is a quickie solution which delivers desirable effects without overdoing it. Take a look at Steve’s before and after photos and you’ll see how natural looking it looks on him.

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