Steve Carell Hair Loss

We all know him as the 40-Year Old Virgin and as the voice of “Gru” in the animation “Despicable Me”. Just like his voiced character Gru is Steve Carell going bald? Though he never admitted that he had hair transplant procedure pictures of him circulating online says otherwise.

steve-carell-hair-loss-01 steve-carell-hair-loss-02 steve-carell-hair-loss-03 "Crazy, Stupid, Love." World Premiere - Arrivals steve-carell-hair-loss-05

Some say he started wearing wig but he eventually decided to undergo hair transplant procedure. If all these accusations are true then his hair restoration surgeon did a good job because our funny man is looking good as ever and he looks ten years younger. You can verify his pictures and share your thoughts about it.

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