Silvio Berlusconi Facelift

Silvio Berlusconi is a politician who has served as the Prime Minister of Italy three times. There are rumors that he had some work done to make himself look younger.

120726__silvio_berlusconi_ap_328 berlusconi-press haartransplantat-a00cb6bfb61099380dad5fdaeb7a4759 ( 13112011-MM9 ) ROMA: BAGNO DI FOLLA PER SILVIO BERLUSCONI A PALAZZO GRAZIOLI silvio-berlusconi-hair-transplant

One of the plastic surgery procedures that he’s accused of getting is facelift. Though he hasn’t admitted to this, the fact still remains that whereas he had lots of wrinkles and lines on his forehead before, he now looks 20 years younger. Some people have said that this is way too obvious and plastic surgery could only be the reason for the change.

What do you think? Did he or did he not get a facelift done? Share with us your thoughts about Silvio Berlusconi by leaving some posts below.

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