Shannen Doherty Plastic Surgery

Well known for her roles in Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed, Shannen Doherty is plagued with rumors that she had plastic surgery done to help stave off the signs of aging. Is this true?

shannen-doherty-plastic-surgery-01 shannen-doherty-plastic-surgery-02 shannen-doherty-plastic-surgery-03 18th Annual Webby Awards

Shannen Doherty has staunchly stated that she has never under gone any procedures and that she is confident with how she looks. The procedures that the actress, television director and producer allegedly had include a nose job, facelift and breast augmentation. She’s also said to have had botox injections and fillers.

What do you think? Is Shannen Doherty all natural as she insists? Feel free to comment and share with us your take on this issue.

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