Sela Ward Facelift

Sela Ward has one of those beauties that seems to be defying time. We’ve been seeing her on the screen for a long time but her looks remain almost the same. Could it be that she had some help from her surgeon?

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You may know Sela Ward from her characters as Teddy Reed on the TV series Sisters and CSI: New York’s Jo Danville. She’s a two-time Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series winner.

A lot of people have noticed that the skin around her eyes and forehead looks impossibly tight considering her age. It’s rumored that she had botox and some facelift to try and hide signs of aging.

What do you think? Could her wrinkle-free skin be attributed to good genes and a healthy lifestyle? Or is it because Sela Ward had some work done? Share with us your thoughts by posting some comments below.

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