Scarlett Johansson Nose Job

If we’re talking about successful cases of plastic surgery, Scarlett Johansson should be on that list. Though she has never responded to her rumors of rhinoplasty, you can see from pictures of her then and now that she had it done. Albeit, conservatively unlike some celebrities.

scarlett-johansson-nose-job-02 scarlett-johansson-nose-job-01 scarlett-johansson-nose-job-03

Scarlett Johansson’s nose was bulbous and thick bridged before but it is now thinner, more refined, and pointed. Though I like her looks before, I can’t deny that her nose now suit her face better.

Do you like Scarlett Johansson’s new nose? What do you think of her nose job? Leave some comments below to let us know.

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