Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

Do you remember that sweet and angelic face in the movie “Speed?” Yes, the pretty face who was also in Practical Magic alongside Nicole Kidman? Indeed, Sandra Bullock has a face that is hard to forget. In fact, she was even named “Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine in 2015.

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Born in 1964, Sandra Bullock was named “Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine at the age of 51. How is this even possible? How is she keeping her smooth skin and youthful looks? Sandra Bullock insists that she has not undergone plastic surgery and that her coveted looks is all because of a good skin regimen and healthy lifestyle. Is this true? After all, isn’t being an actress / celebrity a very stressful profession and truly someone in this industry will need more help than the regular person. While it is true that Sandra Bullock was only in one film in 2015, she is also running her own production company.

A lot of doctors are also arguing that the “Speed” couldn’t have been able to keep her youthful looks by just following a good skin regimen and having a healthy lifestyle. She probably has gone through one or two procedures under the knife. To this day, though, Sandra Bullock insists that she has not had any procedures done. What do you think?

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