Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Ray Liotta is turning 61 this year and he doesn’t look like it (not necessarily a complement). He’s been around the industry for quite some time so he’s had a steady stream of movies and shows that he has starred in. You may have seen him in Something Wild, The Field of Dreams, Sin City, Stretch and in the series, Shades of Blue.

Ray-Liotta-Plastic-Surgery-03 Ray-Liotta-Plastic-Surgery-02 Ray-Liotta-Plastic-Surgery-01

Although he attempted to restore his youthful, pretty boy looks, Liotta clearly failed on that department. His face looks stiff and frozen. He may have had too many face fillers, face lifts, and botox injections. His plastic surgery is even considered as one of the worst surgeries for male stars in Hollywood. Do you agree or do you think that going under the knife turned out fine for him? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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