Rachel Weisz Nose

A thinner, pointer nose can have a huge effect on one’s face. Rumors are circulating that Rachel Weisz has had a nose job. Looking at some of her photos, this rumor may have some basis.


Like a lot of stars, Rachel Weisz is said to be against plastic surgery. According to Huffington Post, this actress, along with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson formed the “British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League.”¬†In a 2000 interview, Rachel Weisz was quoted to say that “my nose is the most trouble, but I live with it.” However, some pictures of the actress¬†tend to suggest a different belief. Her photos from her movie Agora shows her with thinner and pointier nose compared to her photos from earlier movies. Do you think this beautiful and youthful looking actress did have a nose job? Let us know what you think below!

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