Queen Latifah Before and After

Dana Elaine Owens, or better known as Queen Latifah, is a singer, an actress, a talk show host, and more. This multi-awarded singer is also a little bit on the heavy side of the scale but then BAM!

queen-latifah-before-and-after-01 queen-latifah-before-and-after-02 queen-latifah-before-and-after-03 queen-latifah-before-and-after-04 queen-latifah-before-and-after-05

Queen Latifah wowed the crowd when she showed up in an awarding in her fab and upgraded bod. She said that she was able to achieve losing weight and maintaining it by following the Jenny Craig program.

Doesn’t she look fabulous? She looked great before but she looks better now. And you can definitely see the glow of losing weight the hard way. Talk about dedication. Well, people what do you think of Queen Latifah’s weight loss and stunning figure? Tell us by leaving some comments below.

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