Patti LaBelle Nose Job

Patti LaBelle is famous for the song “Lady Marmalade”. The now 70 year old singer, actress and author is well known. But did she ever go under the surgeon’s knife?

patti-labelle-nose-job-01 patti-labelle-nose-job-02 patti-labelle-nose-job-03 patti-labelle-nose-job-04

Multi-awarded Patti LaBelle has never denied that she had a nose job when she was younger. She even stated that she regrets ever having the job done. What do you think about Patti LaBelle’s nose job? Tell us your thoughts and leave some posts below.

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One comment on “Patti LaBelle Nose Job
  1. Louise Edwards Pair says:

    I think the individuals made the right decisions, they feel better. Look better & esteem was boosted. Just be careful,don’t go overboard….

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