Park Bom Before Surgery

Park Bom is a popular singer in South Korea. She is a member of 2NE1. Some of their popular songs include “I Am the Best”, “Go Away”, “I Love You”, “I Don’t Care”, “Hate You” and “Lollipop”. She also had a cameo performance in the movie Girlfriends in 2009.

Park-Bom-Before-Surger-03 Park-Bom-Before-Surger-02 Park-Bom-Before-Surger-01

She is currently caught in a controversial intrigue regarding her addiction to plastic surgery. Many onlookers think that she is having too much of it and it’s starting to ruin her natural beauty. As of today, the singer had facial reshaping, double eyelid surgery, boob job, lip filler injection and two nose jobs.

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