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Nigella Lawson lived a life of certain advantages. She is the daughter of Nigel Lawson, former Chancellor Exchequer and Vanessa Salmon Lawson heiress to the Lyons Corner House empire. One can say that she is used to having advantages and among those advantages are her looks.

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Despite her good looks and impressive lineage, Nigella Lawson was shy growing up. This was until she met her John Diamond who later became her husband. Her husband helped shape her career, as well, as her self image. She became more confident and her career started to take off including the publishing of her first book in 1998 entitled “How to Eat.”

Perhaps, as part of her overhaul, Nigella Lawson decided to get breast augmentation. Her surgery made her look younger and more sensuous for her cooking show “Nigella Bites”. She wears a size 32G, which gives her a perfect apple figure. It is hard to tell, though, because Nigella stays behind the limelight and camera, save for her cooking show. Do you think she got breast augmentation or did she develop her curves naturally?

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