Nicole Kidman Before and After

Nicole Kidman is not only known for her acting skills but for her timeless beauty as well. However, a lot of people have noticed that she has a “frozen” face which can only be because of plastic surgery.

nicole-kidman-before-and-after-01 nicole-kidman-before-and-after-02 nicole-kidman-before-and-after-04

Rumors say that Nicole Kidman had fillers and Botox injected as well as a facelift to keep her face smooth. Though it’s kind of obvious if you look at her before and after pictures, she’s still claiming that she’s never gone under the surgeon’s knife for plastic surgery.

Looking at the pictures above, do you think Nicole Kidman had some work done on her face in an attempt to slow down aging? Do you think she got what she was aiming for? Tell us what you think and leave us some comments below.

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