Nicki Minaj Before Surgery

Famous singer Nicki Minaj is not just not known for her music but for her curvaceous body as well. However, a lot of people have noticed from her before and after pictures that her looks might not be all natural.

nicki-minaj-before-surgery-01 nicki-minaj-before-surgery-02 nicki-minaj-before-surgery-03

Nicki Minaj is said to not have not just a nose job done but also a boob job and butt implant. From the looks of her pictures before her alleged surgeries, it might just be true. Nicki is keeping mum about it and insists that she’s never done anything plastic surgery-wise to improve her appearance.

Looking at her before “surgery” photos and how she looks now, are there noticeable differences that can back up people’s accusations that she had plastic surgery? Post you answer below to let us know.

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