Nicki Minaj Before Butt Implants

Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful singers in Hollywood. Her songs mostly make it to the top 10 billboard hits. In addition to that, she also receives a lot of endorsement deals and hosting gigs. Thanks to her talent and unique fashion sense, her star is now shining bright more than ever!

nicki-minaj-before-butt-implants-01 nicki-minaj-before-butt-implants-02 nicki-minaj-before-butt-implants-03 nicki-minaj-before-butt-implants-04

Recently, photos of the “old” Nicki Minaj has been circulating in the Internet. These photos show a Nicki Minaj with smaller boobs and butt. Hence, speculations of plastic surgery such as boob job and butt implant followed after the leak. Do you think it’s really her? Feel free to comment below.

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