Melissa Joan Hart Plastic Surgery

Everybody knows her as “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch”, the television show that launched Melissa Joan Hart that lasted for six years. Afterwards she eventually starred in a few teen-oriented movies in the late 90’s. She finally settled down in 2003 and had three sons with musician Mark Wilkerson. After gaining a lot of weight during her pregnancies it became obvious that Melissa became so much relaxed with her overweight body. When her unappealing photos in swimsuit circulated online and in the tabloids many thought that it made Melissa decide to finally lose the after pregnancy weight and start regaining her petite body frame.

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Everybody is wondering if she did it on her own with the usual old fashioned diet and exercising or did she have liposuction to assist her in losing weight. Many celebrities go for liposuction for a quick change in their weight but according to Melissa Joan Hart her entire weight loss process took her 14 months. She claims that she has been following a strict balanced diet and doing regular exercises. What are your thoughts about this? Check her photographs and please leave a comment below.

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