Megan Fox Botox

Megan Fox made a lot of people raise their eyebrows when she claimed that she’s all natural and botox-free. Looking at these pictures of Megan Fox, what do you think?

Megan-Fox-Botox-01 Megan-Fox-Botox-02 Megan-Fox-Botox-03

Despite her attempt to dispel the rumors that she didn’t have any botox, the rumors still persist. A lot of people are still saying that her skin looks unnaturally wrinkle-free and a little too shiny.

Megan Fox is a famous actress with films like Transformers and Jennifer’s Body. Her last film was last year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Do you agree with what a lot of people are saying? Do you think Megan Fox had botox injections? Tell us your answers to these questions by posting some comments below.

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