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Megan Fox is a celebrity known for her luscious, pouting lips and oozing sex appeal. She’s landed lead roles in movies like Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, The Dictator, Jonah Hex, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Megan-Fox-Before-After-03 Megan-Fox-Before-After-02 Megan-Fox-Before-After-01

Fox has denied speculations that she had gone under the knife to achieve her current facial features and enhance her figure; however, multiple before and after photos show a huge difference between how she looked before and what she looks like now. Most people who have had experience with spotting what’s real and what’s not say that Fox’s lips became fuller due to lip fillers and she may also have had a nose job since the structure of her nose is noticeably different. Tell us what you think by leaving comments below.

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