Marion Cotillard Plastic Surgery

French actress Marion Cotillard is rumored to have gotten some plastic surgery done. You may know her from her roles in films such as La Vie en Rose, Inception, and Two Days, One Night.

Marion-Cotillard-Plastic-Surgery-01 Marion-Cotillard-Plastic-Surgery-03

Some people think that Marion Cotillard had a nose job and breast augmentation. However, this is a little confusing since she has said that she is scared of getting injections. Still, maybe she overcame her fear or maybe she really didn’t have any plastic surgery done and all the changes in her body are natural.

Marion Cotillard latest projects include giving voice to the character of Avril in The Rigged World and The Rose in The Little Prince. She will also be starring as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth.

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