Mariah Carey Implants

Mariah Carey is a smoldering American singer/songwriter and record producer with a bodacious body to boot. Now 46, Mariah still sizzles with her almost-perfect hourglass figure. One is safe to assume that Mariah’s prominent feature would be her large and well-rounded breasts.

Has-Mariah-Carey-Had-Breast-Implants-Before-After Celebrity-Mariah-Carey-Breast-Implants mariah_carey01 mariah-carey-breast-implants

With recent appearances on tv and on the red carpet, Mariah is seen sporting some deep cleavage and exposing her big titties. Sources claim that the curvaceous singer underwent breast augmentation to further achieve a sexy figure. Experts opined that Mariah most likely availed of implants to make her breasts pop out and stand out.

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