Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery

Lorenzo Lamas is a 56 year-old American-Argentinian actor who still looks hot and smoldering despite his age. Lorenzo is known hor his roles in the 1980‘s drama series Falcon Crest, 1990’s crime drama series Renegade and in the daytime drama series The Bold and the Beautiful.

Lorenzo-Lamas-Plastic-Surgery Lorenzo-Lamas-Plastic-Surgery-Before-and-After Lorenzo-Lamas-Plastic-Surgery-Liposuction

The actor is already at the prime of his age but he looks every bit of the young Lorenzo we’ve once known. There are rumors running around that he resorted to plastic surgery procedures to rejuvenate his younger-looking skin. Several cosmetic surgeons opined that the “Leave it to Lamas” reality star had facelift to tighten his facial skin and Liposuction to remove the unwanted saggy skin on his tummy.

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