Liv Tyler Plastic Surgery

Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith’s main man Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell has grown into a beautiful woman making her the spokesperson of Givenchy’s line of perfume and cosmetics. She was a model at the age of 14 and she started her showbiz career around the same age also. Looking at her pictures when she was young it was pretty obvious that she is the spitting image of her father. She definitely got his jaw line and big lips.

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When she was asked if she was willing to go under the knife for cosmetic improvements, to this she responded, “I’m definitely going to have some, I’m sure, especially when you see what happens to your body after you have a baby.”  It is pretty obvious from her statement that she is gearing towards liposuction or tummy tuck but it seems that she had a change of mind because her lips is now looking fuller than ever. Some say that she had Botox injections/lip augmentation to make her lips look bigger and fuller. Please check her pictures and give your verdict. Did she or did she not? Kindly leave your comments below.

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