Lauren Pope Before And After Surgery

Do you want to talk about talent? Lauren Pope is the woman you want to mention. She is a British television personality, actress, model, DJ, music producer and entrepreneur all in one. Could this woman ask for more? Apparently so, according to rumors.

Lauren-Pope-Before-And-After-Surgery-01 Lauren-Pope-Before-And-After-Surgery-02 Lauren-Pope-Before-And-After-Surgery-03

According to the, Lauren Pope admits to breast augmentation and breast enlargement. Unlike most stars, though, this celebrity had a more difficult journey to glamour after surgery. When she first had a procedure done on her chest, she was given a faulty implant which was later removed. The result, though, as Lauren said, is bigger boobs.

Another procedure that Lauren Pope had is rhinoplasty with her boyfriend, Kirk Norcross in 2011. She said that there was a bump on her nose that she was not happy with, so she had it removed. What do you think? Do you like the new Lauren Pope or the old one? Why not right your thoughts below?

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