Lana Del Rey Breast Implants

A lot of people talk about all of the pictures flooding the internet of before and after pictures of Lana Del Rey with what appear to be lips that have undergone an augmentation procedure, but you probably want to know about a possibly boob job as well… right? A picture says a thousand words!

lana-del-rey-breast-implants-picture-1 lana-del-rey-breast-implants-picture-2 lana-del-rey-breast-implants-picture-3

Typically we like to stay clear as to what we feel is true or not regarding any procedures a given celebrity has undergone, but as it relates to a boob job… this one has to be pretty obvious, right? You probably want us to clearly say whether or not the Lana Del Rey breast implants rumor is true or not, but we’re not going to say it. How about you express how you feel in the comments section below.

For those who want to know her measurements in that specific area, some reports suggest that she is 34A. Another thing that you’ll probably notice about the rumors associated with the work she has or hasn’t had done is likely the result of what some people say she has obviously done to her lips, as well as botox accusations. The fact is that those procedures are different, and just because one person gets a certain type of plastic surgery… it doesn’t mean they’ve have all of them. Make sense? Enjoy!

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