Kirsten Dunst Teeth Before After

Well-known for her crooked teeth, Kirsten Dunst even calls it her “snagglefangs”. But what is it that’s gotten people disappointed?

kirsten-dunst-teeth-before-after-01 kirsten-dunst-teeth-before-after-02 'MARIE-ANTOINETTE' FILM PREMIERE, 59TH CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, FRANCE - 24 MAY 2006 kirsten-dunst-teeth-before-after-04 kirsten-dunst-teeth-before-after-05

Bye-bye crooked teeth. Yes. That’s what’s everyone’s been raging about. Apparently, the actress who claimed that she loves her crooked teeth finally couldn’t resist and had them fixed! But did she really? Some argue that it’s just the lighting that makes it look like her teeth has changed. But just look at these photos and see for yourself. Did she or did she not? The answer is up to you. Please let us know what your answer is by posting a comment.

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