Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery

Kim Tae Hee is a Korean actress that has starred in numerous movies and TV shows in her country. She’s well know for her work in Iris, Love Story in Harvard, and Grand Prix.

Kim-Tae-Hee-Plastic-Surgery-03 Kim-Tae-Hee-Plastic-Surgery-02 Kim-Tae-Hee-Plastic-Surgery-01

As any other star, she’s been rumored to have had cosmetic surgery to enhance her facial features to make it “screen worthy”. A couple of the plastic surgery procedures she’s suspected to have had is a rhinoplasty and an eyelid surgery; which Kim has no comment about. However, there’s really not much of a difference with her before and after shots. Is it possible that this pretty and fabulous actress’ facial features is all natural? Maybe she’s just got an amazing make up artist? What do you think? Let us know through the comments section below.

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