Kenny Rogers Facelift

So did Kenny Rogers really get a facelift? Look at the images below and decide for yourself. This singer and songwriter is known and love by many due to his musical history. It is rumored to believe that he was not happy with the results, but there’s really no way to know unless you ask the man himself.

kenny rogers kenny Kenny-Rogers-eyelid-rumor kenny-rogers-plastic-surgery 2 (1) kenny-rogers-plastic-surgery 2 Kenny-Rogers-Plastic-Surgery-Before-and-After-Photos-Facelift-Eyelid-Surgery-Browlift-and-Botox-Injections-3

Many celebs try to get procedures done and hopefully go unnoticed but in Kenny Rogers’ case, it was quite noticeable rather quickly. It’s believed that he may have gotten botox, a facelift, and some cosmetic work done to his eyelids. Again, it’s speculation in the opinion of some but just take a look at the images and let us know what you think!

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