Katy Perry Plastic Surgery

Katy Perry is one of the world’s most influential singers. She’s talented, stylish, and extremely sexy. Her songs always make it to the top of the charts, she’s been spotted in many awards shows mostly in elegant yet revealing gowns accentuating her breast size.

katy-perry-plastic-surgery-01 katy-perry-plastic-surgery-02 katy-perry-plastic-surgery-03

The question is “are they real”? Most people say they are real because unlike breasts that have gone under the knife, Katy’s breasts have instances where they “sag” instead of “stand in attention” all the time. So the likelihood of her having breast implants is lesser than her breasts being naturally given.

She’s also fond of cardio exercises and hiking which contributes to her athletic figure.She does Pilates and watches her portions to preserve her current measurements.

So, are they real or not? Leave your comments below as we’d like to know what you think.

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