Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery

Kathryn Morris is an American actress who garnered the attention of many fans with her role in the CBS television series Cold Case as Detective Lilly Rush. Before her launch to Hollywood stardom, Kathryn already had minor acting stints in Long Road Home wayback in 1991 and played a small-time role on the tv series, Xena in 1999.

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Kathryn became a household favorite in a short period of time so people will instantly notice any changes in her physical features. Now at 46, Kathryn may be mistaken for a 30-year old with her younger-looking aura. People believe that Kathryn underwent cosmetic surgery to achieve this look. Onlookers claim that it is impossible to lose so much weight within such short period of time so a plastic procedure was necessary. She is also rumored to have undergone lip augmentation which is quite disproportionate to her facial frame.

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