Katey Sagal Young Looks

Did you watch the series “Sons of Anarchy?” In this series, Katey Sagal portrayed the “hottie” mom of the main character Jax Teller. By “hottie” meaning, she is desired by men, both young and old. In real life, Katey Sagal is still the “hot momma” she played in the series. How is she doing this?

Katey-Sagal-Young-03 Katey-Sagal-Young-02 Katey-Sagal-Young-01

There are rumors that say Katey Sagal has been getting surgery or face lifts to maintain her youthful appearance. She was born in 1954 making her more than 60 years old, but her looks hides her real age. Doctors speculate that she may have had botox injection and face lift done based on her jaw, neck and cheek. A lot of actresses have turned to these two procedures to keep their youthful looks and Katey Sagal is not different from them. She can still collect those bells and whistles when she wants to. So, what do you think? Did she really decide to get surgery or is she just ageing really well.


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