Karina Smirnoff Plastic Surgery

Karina Smirnoff admits to having had rhinoplasty for medical reasons. Apparently, she’s broken her nose twice in the past and was having difficulty in breathing. But is rhinoplasty the only job she had done?

karina-smirnoff-plastic-surgery-01 karina-smirnoff-plastic-surgery-02 karina-smirnoff-plastic-surgery-03 karina-smirnoff-plastic-surgery-04 karina-smirnoff-plastic-surgery-05

Rumors say that Karina Smirnoff’s sexy bod is the result of plastic surgery because it looks so great. If she had plastic surgery, it looks very natural and well-done. What do you think people? Did she or did she not? Share with us your thoughts and leave some comments below.

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