Justin Timberlake Nose Job

Did Justin Timberlake undergo plastic surgery? That is the question often being asked by the curious ones. Justin is very popular in the music industry. He started out as one of the lead members of the phenomenal boy band N’Sync. A few years later, Justin went solo and the rest is history.

Justin-Timberlake-Nose-Job-01 Justin-Timberlake-Nose-Job-02 Justin-Timberlake-Nose-Job-03

His songs such as Cry Me a River, Rock Your Body and Sexy Back managed to be on top of the American Billboard Chart. Justin also had several films under his belt such as The Social Network, Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits. Now a matinee idol, Justin is suspected of undergoing rhinoplasty to enhance his looks. Sources claim that Justin consulted a skilled surgeon and gave him the best result– a nose that is more pointed, thinner and longer without too much drama.

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