Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery

Julianna Margulies has already earned a place in the heart of viewers through the TV Shows,  “ER” and “The Good Wife”. She also considered as one of Hollywood’s beautiful faces up until this day.

julianna-margulies-plastic-surgery-01 julianna-margulies-plastic-surgery-02 julianna-margulies-plastic-surgery-03

Although she’s turning 50, her face never seemed to have aged. In fact, she looks even youhis nger than she looked before. Could this be due to a good diet or a good doctor? Due to her remarkable looking face, rumors have circulated regarding her going under the knife for a face lift and doing a bit of botox here and there.

Judging by the way she looks in these photos, do you think she had some work done? Leave your comments below and let’s see what you think.

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