Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is famous for playing the role of Elaine in the most successful sitcom to grace our TV screens for 9 years, Seinfeld. She won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for the said show. Other projects she’s worked in are Watching Ellie, Web Therapy, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and 30 Rock.


Although Dreyfus has been in the industry for decades now, she seems to be aging quite gracefully and this has of course fueled speculations that she may have had her fair share of plastic surgery procedures. The main suspicion revolves around her getting botox injections from time to time. There’s also the rumor that she had a nose job thus, the slight difference in her facial feature. But Dreyfus has stated that she’s against plastic surgery and intends to follow her mother’s natural, graceful aging. Looking at her before and after photos, do you think she went under the knife? We’d love it if you leave your comments below so we know what you think.

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