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Jonah Hill is an American actor, producer and comedian know for his roles in movies such as Accepted, Knocked Up, 21 Jump Street and Moneyball. His roles gave him the 28th spot on Forbes list of highest paid actors from June 2014 to June 25. Given this, it may not be so impossible for him to go through a procedure to trim down. After all, what is the cost of a liposuction to a man who made it to the Forbes list.

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It took more or less five months for Jonah Hill to achieve a noticeable weight loss in 2015. He showed up at a celebration for Bryan Cranston at the Elyx House in NYC looking trimmer. In the past, when Jonah Hill would lose weight, he would show up a week months later with the weight back on. This time is different, though. He lost weight and just kept on losing it. What motivated him to lose weight? According to the actor, when you look better, people take you more seriously and it seems like he wants to be taken more seriously.

What was the hardest part about losing weight for Jonah Hill? It is drinking beer. He had a fitness trainer and a nutritionist and he worked hard to live healthier, eat better and exercise more. His only condition to all the changes he went through is for him to be able to continue drinking.

What do you think, was all the weight he lost simply from a lifestyle change or did he take a shortcut and gotten a liposuction?


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