John Kerry Plastic Surgery

Senator John Kerry has been the center of speculations ever since he appeared in an event at the White House with a bruised face. Kerry blamed the bruises to a hockey game gone bad but rumor mongers decided that it wasn’t because of that. Instead, it was because the old senator got numerous plastic surgery procedure in one go.

John-Kerry-Plastic-Surgery-03 John-Kerry-Plastic-Surgery-02 John-Kerry-Plastic-Surgery-01

The 70 year old politician may have originally wanted to preserve is youthful looks and fight the effects of ageing but it resulted in an entirely frozen face. He’s speculated to have had chin implants which resulted in a speech impediment. Cheek fillers, botox, a face lift, a nose job here and there, and an eyebrow lift. No one really knows if he had all these done but take a look at his before and after pictures and decide for yourselves. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. We’re dying to know what you think.

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