Joel McHale Nose Job

Joel McHale is a comedian, writer, actor, producer and TV personality. He is best known for the comedy series Community and for being the host of The Soup. He had also appeared in films like Spider-Man 2 and Spy Kids: All The Time In The World. There are some speculations that the actor had a nose job done.

joel-mchale-nose-job-05 joel-mchale-nose-job-01 joel-mchale-nose-job-02 joel-mchale-nose-job-03 joel-mchale-nose-job-04

Mostly when people say Joel McHale and plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is hair transplant. So I was surprised when I read that there are rumors about him going under the knife for his nose. Looking at these photos, most people would say that there isn’t any noticeable difference between his nose then and his nose now.

Do you think Joel McHale had a nose job done? Tell us your answer to this question by posting some comments below.

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