Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein was included in the list of celebrities who had creepy transformation after plastic surgery. There are rumours that the socialite spent a whopping 4 million dollars on plastic surgery to achieve a feline look or wildcat look.

Jocelyn-Wildenstein-Before-Plastic-Surgery-01 Jocelyn-Wildenstein-Before-Plastic-Surgery-03 Jocelyn-Wildenstein-Before-Plastic-Surgery-02

Wildenstein’s extravagant lifestyle and cat fetish placed her name on the Hollywood map. Her strange appearance can’t be labeled as a mishap since she intended to look that way. In fact, she claimed that she find herself beautiful in spite her peculiar look. Like what they always say “To each his own”.

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One comment on “Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Plastic Surgery
  1. Jac says:

    Thats not a before photo of Jocelyn Wildenst. Its a pic of Virginia Hey.

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