Jillian Michaels Nose Job

Very few celebrities would admit to going under the knife and one of the few is Jillian Michaels. She tells the story of when she made this life changing and very personal decision.

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You may probably recognize Jillian Michaels as the terrifying trainer in the show The Biggest Losers. When you look at her, fit and beautiful, you will say, “who wouldn’t want to be her?”

Jillian Michael recalls an experience she had in 8th grade. She said she had an ugly nose and weighed 175 pounds. She would constantly get teased and once, she was bullied and humiliated by some kids in the school for her less than pleasing looks and weight. It became so bad for her that her mother had to pull her from school and send her to a different school.

The fitness trainer explained that she decided to change her life and do something about her looks. She started by getting rhinoplasty to shape her new nose. She said that her confidence improved after the procedure, which is very important. Now, do you agree that she needed to do undergo a nose job to be more confident? Why don’t you share your thoughts with us?

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