Jennifer Coolidge Before Plastic Surgery

Actress and comedian Jennifer Coolidge is best known for being Stifler’s mom in the movie American Pie. Now 53 years old, she still looks great but could it be that this isn’t all natural but because she has gone under her surgeon’s blade?

jennifer-coolidge-plastic-surgery-01 jennifer-coolidge-plastic-surgery-02 jennifer-coolidge-plastic-surgery-03 jennifer-coolidge-plastic-surgery-04 jennifer-coolidge-plastic-surgery-05

A lot of people are saying that she had some botox, lip augmentation, and breast implants. Jennifer Coolidge has not confirmed or denied these issues. They say pictures speak a thousand words so maybe we should just accept what we can see.

But what do you see looking at these pictures? Do you Jennifer Coolidge had some plastic surgery? What do you think are the procedures that she had? Tell us the answers to these questions and more by posting some comments below.

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