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Anyone who has seen a beautiful mind will also be completely enthralled with the supporting actress, Jennifer Connelly. In fact, she won several awards for that role namely, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA award. Her talent, plus her classic beauty, can really make people take a second look and hold that look on her.

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That is why it comes as a surprise that she is rumored to have had surgery done to enhance her looks. Unlike most women who would go through surgery for breast enhancement, she did the opposite. It is said that she had breast reduction. Jennifer Connelly and her publicist has denied this rumor. It is very hard to deny, though, that her breasts look more like a B cup instead of a C cup if her before and after photos are compared.

Speaking of before and after pictures, though, her B-cup photos are much better than her C-cup photos. It looks like smaller breasts are a better match to her classic beauty. Still, her publicist insists that she did not go through any surgery and that her smaller breasts are only a result of her losing a lot of weight.

What do you think? Are her smaller boobs a result of weight loss or a surgery to enhance her looks?

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