Jane Seymour Facelift

Jane Seymour is famous for being a James Bond girl before in Live and Let Die. Now 63 years old, this award-winning actress still looks fab. But there are rumors that say that it’s not all natural.

jane-seymour-facelift-01 jane-seymour-facelift-04 Jane Seymour. 27/11/2006 Photograph: ©Fran Veale JANE SEYMOUR - INTERVIEW WITH THE DUKE OF ARGYLL AT HIS HOME AT INVERARY CASTLE IN SCOTLAND - 1991

Jane Seymour admits to having breast implants before. She also said that she tried botox injections but that she disliked it so she didn’t continue using it. Apart from these, she said that she never had any kind of procedure again and that it’s all hard work and a healthy lifestyle.

So, what do you think? Did Jane Seymour have a facelift? Tell us what your take on this is by leaving us some comments below.

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